Daphne Sy

Multidisciplinary Designer


  • Brand guidelines

  • Branded concept artwork

  • Editable Microsoft templates

Work done includes conceptualization & design of new visual branding, co-writing and building the brand guidelines, designing concept artwork, and creating templates for employees to use.

Presentations | Reports | Proposals | Infographics

  • Product proposals

  • Infographics

  • CEO presentations

  • C-level reports

UI & UX Design

  • Product selection tools

  • Product kit builders

  • Landing page designs

  • Mobile app screen designs

Please note that some projects will link directly to the actual app. These apps were developed by agencies hired by the client.

Digital | Social

  • Social media content

  • Email signatures

  • E-commerce creative

Motion Graphics | Animation

  • Logo animation

  • Realistic product concepts in action

  • Animated line drawings


  • Long form videos

  • Awards ceremony videos

Print Material

  • Product manuals

  • Product catalogues

  • Brochures & Flyers

  • Magazine covers

  • Magazine ads

  • Newsletters

Conferences | Events | Retail Displays

  • Event marketing collateral

  • Branded merch

  • Retail packaging

  • Retail displays

About me

I received my multimedia degree from one of the top design schools in the Philippines, and have over 13 years experience working under creative, marketing, communications, and customer experience teams for various multinational companies.I’ve spent most of my career working remotely with key clients and brands around the globe.My diverse experiences have allowed me to practice as a multidisciplinary designer, where I bring together my expertise from a variety of design domains to solve complex communication requirements.I always find ways to improve processes and means of working. You can count on me to work on your project using the most efficient methods.